Hi. I’m Frah :)

If you know me, then you probably know that I have MANY allergies (some I can’t even remember) but I love food way too much to be all sappy about the food I can’t eat. Recently, I’ve found out after going on the elimination diet (if you don’t know what that is checkout; http://thehealthyapple.com/the-elimination-diet/ ) that my body can’t digest the staple foods I use to live on! I know… but then again my eating habits would make the most unhealthiest person on earth blush- yeah it was that bad. So after, realizing that I was truly unhappy and most importantly hurting my body I then decided to try this thing out by removing some of these food items off my grocery list and replacing them with a more conscious and healthier choices (I’ll tell you exactly what items I deleted off my list on the next blog post). I was shocked at how much better I was feeling after only two days without eating like a reckless fool. My body aches have almost vanished, my energy is up and I’m feeling less bloated. I felt Amazing, better than amazing… just happy. Life is good.

Listen, I love food so much so that I even dream about it. I dream that I’m on those cooking shows like Masterchef tearing it up for people like myself. lol I love those dreams! I enjoy indulging my  friends and family by making them their favourite treats and snacks; I simply enjoy feeding others and just being happy. People I know might say; there’s no wonder why I  end up in hospitals receiving meds while recovering from serious food reactions ( it happens more often than you think). I’d say to them that it is just a true testament to how much I love the look  and the feel of food. FYI: Hence why it doesn’t quite bother me when I realize that I’ve just eaten something that was harmful to my body:/ Yikes; that’s total bs. Cue the violins… It did bother me because I felt I was missing out for a long time but in any case!

Finally, I’ve come to enjoy life’s pleasures without having to harm myself.  Though it’s true that one can’t run away from their allergies and/or other food intolerances but like my good old friend Mary Roach from Idol would say; “Hey whatever”.

So, what now? I’ve been shamelessly blathering on about myself for a minute now… Let me tell you now about what I’ll do here on this blog;

1- We will go on a journey of food discovery. Exploring the many different foods available in our world, I will share with you the stuff I eat and share some recipes. It wont always be on the healthier tip but we will make it work.

2- We will also share our inspirations; whether it be food, travels or art.

3- Spit some knowledge to benefit all of us. This is a culture exchange with a foodie’s perspective on things.

I will end it here for now with a final word. For those who don’t know me yet I say greetings to you and may we all learn, teach and eat with ease.

Sending you Peace, Love and Tranquility,




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